Many people consider getting refrigerator water/ice filters because they’re afraid of tap water yet want the health benefits water can provide. Most people know that water is hydrating and it helps promote weight loss and promote skin health.

While doctors consider some weight loss and appetite suppression claims to be anecdotal, there many interesting benefits to drinking water that people don't typically discuss.

Every cell in your body needs water. Your cells use the water you drink to expel waste and to absorb nutrients from your food, drink, supplements and your environment, (ie. sunlight.)

Drinking water can help to improve your cognitive function. This is because water is the perfect vehicle to deliver oxygen throughout your body. Your brain, in particular, needs large amounts of oxygen to function effectively. Drinking 8-10 cups of water daily is one easy way to make sure you get enough oxygen to your brain, improving your cognitive functioning by 30%.

Regular water consumption helps to build muscle. You can work your muscles longer before they get tired and water carries oxygen throughout your body to your different cells. These cells include your muscle cells.

Water ensures your nerves function properly by keeping your body's electrolyte levels high. When we hear the word electrolytes, we often think of sports drinks. However, water is the ultimate sports drink, helping your nerves to quickly relay messages throughout your body and brain.

Water is also important for joint health. Water keeps your joints lubricated, strong and healthy. Without complete moisture, your joints will become inflexible. With proper hydration, your joints move smoothly. Water can help reduce joint pain as well in some cases.

In so many ways, water is essential for good health while you’re young and especially as you age to prevent body system decline.

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