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Office water coolers used to be everywhere. They were so common that water coolers were more or less used to represent office culture, especially with regards to office gossip and work breaks.

However, for a while, it seemed like so many people were using bottled water that office water coolers were just not as central anymore. Water bottles themselves were fairly central to the culture of the first decade of the twenty-first century. While plenty of people still use water bottles today, there has been a movement towards filtered tap water these days. This could also mean that office water coolers will make even more of a comeback.

Not everyone is going to bring water bottles to work. Having a nice office water cooler ensures that everyone has access to a good source of water at work. Scientists have said that moderate levels of dehydration can harm employee productivity. As such, the employers who provide office water coolers will often see a lot of direct improvements in the performance of their employees as a result.

However, employees are also more productive as a result of taking breaks and rest periods that will truly leave them energized and refreshed. An office water cooler can truly make that possible. Office water coolers might help employees socialize when the time is right. They can also help make employees more effective when it's time to get back to work.

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Most of us care a lot about being healthier today. However, there's no doubt about the fact that there is a lot of conflicting information about what will actually make us healthier. If you've been around long enough, it probably looks like the scientific consensus on a lot of different healthy habits has changed several times. Everything changes so fast these days that even the young adults are starting to notice.

Fortunately, staying healthy is easier than a lot of people think. It doesn't mean that you constantly have to do extensive research on absolutely everything or try every single new supplement that comes on the market. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence in favor of certain healthy lifestyle choices.

These habits include getting regular moderate exercise, sleeping enough, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, being a non-smoker, and drinking lots of filtered water. If you do all of these things, you're already leading a healthier lifestyle than the majority of people in the world.

Getting home and office water filters can help give you the incentive that you need to drink more water. You'll automatically notice the health benefits right away. When it comes to the habits that everyone agrees are healthy, people don't usually have to wait for decades in order to feel better. Lots of people don't even notice when they're mildly dehydrated. However, the moment that you have a great glass of filtered water, you'll really be able to experience the difference.

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There is a lot of information available about the link between drinking water and having supple looking skin glowing with youthfulness. While the details on the quantity and frequency at which one should re-hydrate differ in many ways, the one fact that remains constant across the board is drinking water should always be thoroughly clean.

Home Drinking Water Filtration Systems convert ordinary tap water into drinking water without utilizing chemicals. Here are some of the ways drinking water helps your skin revitalize and improves your general look.

Flushes out Toxins

Every time you consume processed foods or perhaps indulge yourself in a bottle of wine among other things, you inadvertently consume a certain amount of toxic substances. Over time, these substances can accumulate in your body. Without an efficient way to rid yourself of these toxins, the side effects will become most apparent on your skin. It will lose its luster and sometimes be susceptible to rashes and discoloration. Drinking at least eight glasses of clean water per day has been known to flush out these toxins, leaving you feeling and looking great!

Improves Skin Turgor

Skin turgor or elasticity is the characteristic that helps the skin to return to its normal firm nature after being stretched, pinched or twisted. That is also one of the qualities that define youthfulness in one's appearance, Drinking lots of clean water improves skin elasticity. A dehydrated person will inevitably have issues with his or her skin's ability to regain normal firmness after exposure to any form of trauma. That is important to women who have given birth and wish to get back their flexible pre-pregnancy body. Contact us now for more information.

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Filtered or Bottled Water: Which is Better?

Monday, September 18, 2017

How many times a day do you take a drink? We're told that 8 cups is necessary. We're also told by the bottled water companies that tap water isn't safe. Of course they would say that, it's how they make money. But there are also disadvantages to bottled water.

Most people realize that the plastic containers it comes in are not environmentally friendly, but did you know that plastic leaches? That's right, when pure water is put into a plastic bottle, the water is actually contaminated by the plastic. That means the bottled water you are drinking isn't any better than the tap water it's replacing. So what should you do? The answer may surprise you.

The truth is, tap water is safe to drink. However, the chemicals they use to purify it can build up in the body, and that's what we want to avoid. The best way to do this is to use a refrigerator water filter. That's right, a little, inexpensive filter is really all you need to remove the chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that may be left in tap water. And there's no lugging home gallons upon gallons of water each week because this system connects directly to your refrigerator, ensuring that both water and ice come out pure.

A filter system has many other advantages also. The filters themselves are eco-friendly, so they won't sit in the landfill forever like plastic bottles do. Filters are also more cost-effective than bottled water and when you join our safe water club, we make sure that you have new filters delivered to your home every 6 months, at a discounted price.

Our bodies need water to live; and getting pure, clean water is essential for good health. Are you interested in getting the benefits of bottled water without all the adverse side-effects? Contact us today and let us set you up with a safe, convenient, and eco-friendly refrigerator filtration system.

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Home water filtration systems provide numerous benefits, yet many people do not take full advantage of them. If you are not carrying fresh, filtered water with you, who knows what you may be drinking when you are away from home. The following guide will help you select a BPA-free water bottle that is perfect for using while on the go.

Check the Recycling Symbol

The easiest way to know if a bottle contains bisphenol A or BPA is to turn it upside down and look at the recycling symbol on the bottom. If it contains a number between one and six, the bottle is made from plastics that do not contain BPA, and is therefore safe. Containers marked with the number seven may contain different resins than ones marked one through six, including BPA. The only way to ensure a bottle marked with a 7 is safe is to look for a BPA-free sticker, which indicates the product is BPA-free.

Check the Inside

It’s not enough to just check the recycling symbol, as some manufacturers provide epoxy liners that might also contain BPA (these liners are common in aluminum bottles as well). As such, you should always check any bottle you purchase to see whether or not it contains a liner. Even unlined bottles are suspect if they have a yellow or orange coating inside, as this indicates they contain a material that may be capable of shedding BPA.

You want your drinking water to be safe, so it is only natural to desire a safe bottle to carry it in. Follow these tips, and you should easily be able to find the perfect water bottle. When it comes to selecting the right water filter, knowledge is also key, which is why we invite you to contact us today to find out more.

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We've all felt it, that hesitation before we fill a glass with tap water. We might make our coffee with tap water; make our lemonade, Kool-Aid, hot cocoa and other powdered drinks with it. We might also feed our pets or plants with tap water. Sometimes we even just put our fears aside and gulp down several glasses a day.

However, before we go through with just about every choice to use that tap water, we think for a second that it's not clean.

Maybe 20 years ago or more, people never thought about it. The idea of buying water or cleaning water with refrigerator water/ice filters seemed ridiculous to people who weren't drinking well water in the country. However, people have become much more educated about tap water and the dangers it can present to their family's health and the health of their pets and plants.

According to experts, there's good reason for this. There are literally a dozen common toxins in regular drinking water. In 2016, Flint, Michigan residents experienced high lead levels. People in Detroit also experienced a recent water crisis.

Not So Normal Ingredients

Though Fluoride does strengthen teeth, it's a neurotoxin that disrupts the endocrine system, calcifies the pineal gland and can harm your thyroid. Many other countries and some US cities have independently deemed fluoride unsafe.
Chlorine can lead to respiratory problems, impaired balance, cell damage and memory loss. It's a good cleanser, yes. However, it reacts with water from your faucet and in your gut to create the dangerous chemical hydrochloric acid.

Many Didn’t Realize Lead was Still an Issue

Lead causes numerous problems throughout every system in the body. It’s toxic to the entire body and especially dangerous to children, pregnant women and the elderly. Though New York is known for having very clean water, many buildings still have very old pipes. These pipes are leaking lead into the water as it comes into buildings.

In addition to these commonly known chemicals and the lead that many people didn't even think was dangerous anymore, tap water all over the US also typically contains 7 to 10 other common toxins.

Contact us today at Pure1 to get a top-of-the-line refrigerator water/ice filtration system for your home. Don’t compromise. Make sure your family is drinking clean water.

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Thirst is a sign that your body is low on fluids and needs hydrating. Sports drinks and sodas have their place, but none of them quench thirst and hydrate the body quite like a tall, cold glass of water. The next time you are thirsty and reach for a soda, think about these four benefits of drinking water instead.

Drinking Water Maintains Cognitive Function

According to a University of Connecticut study, even mild dehydration can alter a person's mood and interfere with his ability to think clearly. Mild dehydration is defined as a 1.5% loss in the body's normal water volume.

Drinking Water Helps with Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, drink more water. It creates a fullness sensation and reduces the desire to eat or drink something containing sugar, fat and calories.

Water-rich foods such as fruits, oatmeal and beans also help reduce weight because they require more chewing and are more slowly absorbed by the body. This makes you feel full and knocks back the desire to reach for a cookie or a sugary drink.

Drinking Water Helps Prevent Headaches

Dehydration can lead to headaches and in worse case scenarios to migraines. If you have a headache, then one way to stop the pain is by drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated can help prevent headaches all together.

Drinking Water Keeps the Kidneys Functioning Properly

The kidneys are what cleanse the body and rid it of toxins. To do this job, though, they need plenty of water. Staying hydrated also reduces kidney stones by diluting the salts and minerals in the body.

It is hard to overstate the benefits of drinking water. Make sure that the water in your home is clean, safe and ready to work its magic. Contact us today to find out about installing a home drinking water filtration system.

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Staring at computer screens all day leaves many of us craving for face-to-face human interaction. It might sound cliche, but where better to get that interaction but the water cooler, right? Deep down, you might be wondering if those frequent breaks for cool water will cut into your office productivity? Well, as it turns out, breaks for social interaction may not be detrimental at all. In fact, getting your daily quota of water and gossip may just be the ticket to higher office efficiency.

Why? Because, as Aristotle said, "Man is by nature a social animal." So it can seem rather unnatural to sit sequestered in a cubicle with nothing but a phone and a computer screen to buddy up with all day. Take that as your cue to get up, stretch your legs, rest those eyes and grab a cup of filtered H2O. Hopefully, your coworkers will see you and decide to join you. Just remember to keep your WC (water cooler) conversation office appropriate.

What's Off-Limits?

Common sense should give you an indication of what is appropriate water cooler chit-chat and how much is too much. Here's a list of a few no-no's in case you require some guidance:

idle gossip should be limited to non-office personnel (you might be surprised what gets around and how fast)
no off-color jokes
limit political opinions that have the potential to inflame coworkers
venting over-the-top job frustrations
frequent (hourly) water breaks that are just an excuse to chat for 10 or 15 minutes before going to the bathroom
dragging a chair to the water cooler to sit and sip
chatting while on deadline and watching your boss give you the eye

What's Appropriate

Some off-limits water cooler behavior may seem humorous, but (surprise!) you can bet they've been done. So then, what is appropriate for these impromptu meet-and-greet moments? Here's a few clues:

minor venting over the workload of the day
inoffensive jokes
political banter that is not inflammatory
staggering water breaks with bathroom breaks
if there are chairs near the water cooler it is okay to sit for a couple minutes to chat
coordinating work or meetings
asking for idea "sparks" that will help you on a project
anything water related: boating, how much water to drink during the workday, that reverse osmosis purification system you just added at home...

Face-to-face interaction helps build trust among office personnel. Like conversation around the dinner table, WC talk can help you gain perspective or to let off a little steam. So forget instant messaging to catch up with your coworkers (unless it's a meet me after lunch at the WC invitation). Head over to the water cooler and feel free to chat up your coworkers. Ultimately, it may make you a production machine! By the way, feel free to contact us about that reverse osmosis purification system. Hey, a plug never hurt!

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In his epic poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," Samuel Taylor Coleridge clearly and voraciously communicates the sense of impending doom that would befall a man who had an abundance of water, but was unable to use it because of its foul, unpotable nature. If it has been awhile since you've spent any time reading British literature, don't worry, literary themes are not what we are discussing in this post. However, for many people groups around the world, this nightmare that Coleridge so aptly describes is a dreaded reality. Sure, you are probably aware that third world countries often suffer from a lack of clean, usable water. However, what many people don't realize is that here at home, there are areas that suffer from water shortages as well.

Fortunately, municipalities and water management services, both within our country and around the world, are able to use reverse osmosis technology to provide clean, fresh, usable water to those who are in dire need of it. In a nutshell, reverse osmosis technology is a method of water purification that removes select undesirable elements and particles from water on the molecular level by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane. While a typical carbon water filter can remove organic contaminates that make water look and smell bad, reverse osmosis technology takes water filtration a step further by helping to filter out harmful metals and dangerous contaminates that sometimes occur in water, such as mercury or lead.

We are pleased to be including reverse osmosis purification systems in our product lineup, because just as the ancient mariner mused, what good is it to have water but not be able to use it?

Want more information about how reverse osmosis technology in your home and office water filters can increase the quality of the water you are drinking? Contact us today to learn more!

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Charles Duhigg, (born in 1974), is a prominent journalist for the New York Times. Duhigg won the Pulitzer prize for explanatory reporting and has written extensively on the science of forming habits and increasing productivity. He's well-known for authoring, "The Power of Habit," and "Smarter Faster Better," along with contributing to the, "Toxic Waters," series featured in the New York Times.

The “Toxic Waters,” series featured articles published from September 2009 to March 2010 that shed light on topics like:

Pollution in public waters,
Lack of effective drinking water regulation,
Improper waste disposal in water,
Contaminated drinking water,
Chemical restrictions in water, and
The high financial price to change the industry

Here are just a few shocking quotes by Charles Duhigg.

“Atrazine - a herbicide often used on corn fields, golf courses and even lawns - has become one of the most common contaminants in American drinking water.” Charles Duhigg

“The Safe Drinking Water Act was passed in 1974 after tests discovered carcinogens, lead and dangerous bacteria flowing from faucets in New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Boston and elsewhere.” Charles Duhigg

“...some researchers argue that even toxic chemicals, when consumed at extremely low doses over long periods, pose few risks.” Charles Duhigg

In the United States, drinking water is known to contain a variety of toxins and contaminants. In addition, even though public water distribution is regulated by the Healthy Water Act and local governing bodies, sometimes toxic spills or other corporate created or natural disasters cause problems with the drinking water in towns and states. New York City, (known for having good drinking water), is currently struggling to regulate lead contamination in its water supply.

In addition, many people mistakenly believe that you can boil water to reduce contamination. Boiling water does kill harmful bacteria and organisms. However, when it comes to toxic metals, chemicals, salts and compounds; boiling water does nothing. It's important to filter and clean your water with refrigerator water/ice filters to eliminate both organisms and toxic chemicals.

Contact us at Pure1 Systems today. The earlier you start drinking healthy, clean water, the better!

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