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How to Get Rid of That Mental Fog

Monday, July 31, 2017

You know the feeling. You're in the middle of your work day, unable to focus your eyes and your mind on the task at hand. Your brain and body feel like they have hit a wall while the rest of the office demands that you continue moving through life at one hundred miles per hour. If your first instinct is to get up from your desk in search of your favorite caffeinated beverage, you are not alone. For many Americans, that beverage is coffee. For others, guzzling a sweet, sugary soda is the key to regaining mental clarity.

While the constant reliance on such beverages could hardly be considered a vice, many medical studies have shown that there are significant consequences to the dependance on both caffeine and sugar that the majority of our population relies on to get the job done each day.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution that can be found flowing from a sink near you! Research shows that the simple act of drinking a sufficient amount of water can help you think more quickly, more clearly, and can help you get your job done in a timely manner. While the solution is simple, it may not necessarily be easy. Kicking a caffeine habit or a sugar addiction may take time and effort, but in the long run, you are sure to be pleased with the healthier, more productive person that you will become.

So next time you feel that mental fog coming on, skip the vending machine and head for a sink near you! Not thrilled about drinking tap water? Our home and office water filters can help you to meet your hydration needs. For more information about the products and services we offer, and how they can contribute to clear, healthy, thirst-quenching water in your home or workplace, contact us today!

Posted by Mark Sutera

Having a filter in your icemaker is a great way to produce clear, beautiful, and great tasting ice cubes. When you first purchase your freezer, your ice cubes will come out clear as ice can be. But over time, tiny particles of dirt and other contaminants get stuck in the icemaker. These particles slowly seep into the cubes that get created.

When that happens, the ice cubes become less and less clear and more and more cloudy. You may even notice small dark particles in the cubes. This makes them less appetizing.

Together with their look, the taste can also be affected. These particles, even if they are too small to be seen, can contaminate the clear taste of the ice.

Of course, there are also safety issues with ingesting all these particles and contaminants, even if they are microscopic.

A filter is a great way to remove these issues. It will filter out any particles from the ice, leaving you with clear and great-tasting ice cubes.

If you own an establishment, such as a restaurant, bar or drink booth, getting an icemaker filter is a must. You've probably spent thousands of dollars on the icemaker, and what use will it be if the ice you're giving your customers are dirty? Going the extra mile will certainly make your customers satisfied and likely to come back again. Your drinks will taste a lot better, and customers will notice it.

For help with choosing a filter that is right for you, just contact us.

Posted by Mark Sutera

Have you decided to lose weight and get in better shape this year? If so, you have probably planned low-calorie menus and thought about different workout routines to try. What you may not have considered is your need for refrigerator water/ice filters, which can help you with your fitness goals in several ways.

#1. Helps you feel full sooner by drinking more water

You may not feel comfortable with your smaller portion sizes at first. As such, you may need to "trick" your body into feeling full, and one of the best ways to do that is by drinking a glass of water just before each meal. Drinking water can also help you ward off hunger pangs between meals, making it less likely you will snack on unhealthy foods.

#2. Allows you to stay hydrated while exercising

The importance of staying well hydrated while exercising cannot be overstated. That's something you won't struggle with when you have lots of fresh, filtered water available right at your fingertips.

#3. Makes it easy to cut back on soda

If you are able to enjoy a cool glass of water, you'll be less likely to grab a soda or other soft drink whenever you get thirsty. There are approximately 140 calories in a 12-ounce glass of soda, so you could easily lose around a pound or so each month simply by cutting out sugary beverages.

A refrigerator water/ice filter will help you stay on track and meet your fitness goals sooner. To find one that is perfect for your home, please contact us.

Posted by Mark Sutera

Increasing brain power is a popular goal in the health food and supplement industry. In fact, when you go to your local supplement retailer, you'll find some of the highest priced products on the shelves are brain boosting ones. However, one of the most beneficial things you can do for your brain health is to consume more H2O!

6 to 8 glasses a day is great if it feels right to you. However, some people who are exposed to less sun and who are less active in general might do better with just 5 to 6 glasses a day. The perfect amount is based on your body size and lifestyle. In addition, you should always drink water from purifying refrigerator/ice filters.

The U.S. CDC defines low water intake as less than 4 cups a day. The U.S. CDC also found that approximately 50% of Americans drink less than 4 cups a day, getting most of their water through coffee, soda and sugary drinks.

Does it Really Matter?

Low water intake can cause a myriad of health issues. Though problems won't arise as fast as they would if you were completely dehydrated, scientists have proven that mild dehydration lowers brain functioning.


Increases rapid response rates in your brain,
Improves your mental reflexes, and
Improves your mental reactions

In July, 2013, 34 UK study subjects were asked to fast completely from food and drink for 1 night. The doctors then administered the CANTAB Battery Test which assessed them on visual skills and acuity, verbal skills and a variety of other mental abilities.

Right before administering the tests, doctors asked the subjects if they were thirsty. Participants who were thirstier received very high boosts to their mental reactions and reflexes. Others experienced improvements of around 14%. However, water did not improve performance on a test involving complex rule learning.

Infants are made up of about 75% water. Later on, in our elderly years, the body is made up of about 55% water. In addition, your thirst sensation begins to disappear during middle-age. You might not even realize how much water you need. As we look at this gradual, natural water loss. It's easy to see how vital healthy, clean water is to life.

Contact us at Pure1 today! Start making healing water a priority in your home or office.

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Well, school is out and children everywhere will begin their summer excursions. For many, this means spending time at a summer church, sports, or wilderness camp. A lot must be done in order to get things ready, and one of the first things on your list should be installing refrigerator water/ice filters.

You’ll work plenty of long hours cleaning and sprucing things up. All that effort is bound to make you thirsty, particularly if you have a few unseasonably warm days. It will be much easier to keep going if you are able to quench your thirst with a cool glass of water.

Plenty of prep work must also be done in the kitchen. From preparing drinks to washing fresh fruits and vegetables, the cooks in your group will find plenty of uses for water filters.

Once the children arrive, having lots of filtered water on hand is a must. You can fill jugs of water and keep them in every dorm room so that kids can stay well hydrated at all times.

If your daily activities involve spending time outdoors, you will also want to pack several coolers full of ice so that drinks and snacks stay nice and cold. Having access to ice will also make it easier to administer first aid in the event a child gets stung by an insect or suffers a sprain.

There are so many uses for refrigerator water and ice filters at summer camp that you will probably wonder how you ever got by without them before. To find a filter that is just right for your camp, please contact us.

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Many people consider getting refrigerator water/ice filters because they’re afraid of tap water yet want the health benefits water can provide. Most people know that water is hydrating and it helps promote weight loss and promote skin health.

While doctors consider some weight loss and appetite suppression claims to be anecdotal, there many interesting benefits to drinking water that people don't typically discuss.

Every cell in your body needs water. Your cells use the water you drink to expel waste and to absorb nutrients from your food, drink, supplements and your environment, (ie. sunlight.)

Drinking water can help to improve your cognitive function. This is because water is the perfect vehicle to deliver oxygen throughout your body. Your brain, in particular, needs large amounts of oxygen to function effectively. Drinking 8-10 cups of water daily is one easy way to make sure you get enough oxygen to your brain, improving your cognitive functioning by 30%.

Regular water consumption helps to build muscle. You can work your muscles longer before they get tired and water carries oxygen throughout your body to your different cells. These cells include your muscle cells.

Water ensures your nerves function properly by keeping your body's electrolyte levels high. When we hear the word electrolytes, we often think of sports drinks. However, water is the ultimate sports drink, helping your nerves to quickly relay messages throughout your body and brain.

Water is also important for joint health. Water keeps your joints lubricated, strong and healthy. Without complete moisture, your joints will become inflexible. With proper hydration, your joints move smoothly. Water can help reduce joint pain as well in some cases.

In so many ways, water is essential for good health while you’re young and especially as you age to prevent body system decline.

Contact us today at Pure1 and never worry about the dangers of tap water and well water again. Our environmentally friendly water filtration systems allow you to quickly and cheaply make filtered, safe and clean water for your family.    

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If you have been asking yourself if you should invest in a home drinking water filtration system, you are asking the wrong question. The real question is, "Why haven't you already done it?" Humans have been filtering their water for thousands of years. Why not continue this tradition and practice if it served our ancestors so well?

Early Man: It didn't take long for ancient civilizations to recognize the health benefits of removing contaminants, not to mention improving the quality of taste. They didn't have sodas and fruit drink options like we do today. Water was the main beverage for the lowly peasant as well as the pharaohs on the thrones. And they all filtered their drinking water.

Early Medicine: Hippocrates is, perhaps, the earliest source for information on ancient water purification methods. As early as 5BC the "Father of Medicine" was advising people to boil their water and filter it through cloth in order to make it taste better. Nearly two thousand years later the ceramic cartridge was developed by a famous china maker, Sir Henry Doulton, which was designed to remove bacteria from London's water. 

Today's Capabilities: Modern technology has come a long way from cloth bags and royal ceramic pottery. Now, practically all households in developed countries enjoy the convenience of purified water from multiple taps. With new purification systems designed to outfit a variety of faucet models, every family can enjoy the health benefits of even cleaner, better tasting water. So, again, the question is, "Why haven't you already done it?" Please contact us for more information on a home water filtration system that is easy to install and is as economical as it is eco-friendly. 

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If you own or manage a company that includes a waiting room for patients or clients, you'll want to do all that you can to make their wait enjoyable. One of the ways you can do this is by adding a water cooler for their convenience. Here are 2 reasons to do this.

1.) People will need to use it.

When people wait, especially if it's for at least several minutes, they will at times need something to drink. Some people even need to take medicine, or may want some water if they start coughing. Having a water cooler accessible to them will also make it easier on staff, so they don't need to direct people outside of the office to find water, or stop what they're doing to get a glass for them when they need it.

2.) People will see you are concerned about their needs.

When you have a water cooler available just for those in your waiting room, it will show them that you want to make them comfortable; you don't just want their money. People will be more likely to come back to you if they feel you care about them. They will see that although, yes, they do have to wait for a time, you want to accommodate them as much as possible. It's important that they are welcomed warmly not only by staff, but also by the atmosphere they are in.

At Pure1, we want to help your office run smoother, by making your water supply both filtered and convenient. Please contact us if you would like an office water cooler or filter.

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Preparing for a disaster isn't something that's just for paranoid individuals or conspiracy theorists. Everyone needs to be ready for an emergency and have a "bug-in" plan in place for riding out a tough situation. One thing that is essential for such a plan is home drinking water filtration systems-here's why.

After a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster, the water supply is often one of the first things affected. It's not uncommon for local authorities to issue a "boil water" advisory or even recommend not drinking the water at all. During times like these, you can rest easy knowing your water is being filtered as thoroughly as it would be in a water treatment plant. Our filters can remove up to 99.9% of all particles .5 microns in size or larger, in addition to getting rid of municipally-added chlorine.

Having your own water supply at home means you won't have to rush out to the store looking for bottled water, something that is often in short supply after a disaster. In the long run, this will eliminate some of the stress you might feel once you realize it's time to hunker down.

While home water filters are ideal for bugging in, they can also help you prepare for bugging out. Fill a few extra water bottles from your tap and then throw a few of them in your bugout bag, car, or pet carrier, and you will be ready to take off in flash should the need ever arise.

Water is an essential item for any disaster preparedness kit. If you are planning for an emergency, please contact us to find a water filter that will meet your needs.

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If you live in New York City, you can be assured that the tap water you are drinking is clean, healthy, and pure. Or can you? The question is not that clear for the city’s hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews.

A little over a decade ago, tiny copepods (crustaceans) have been found in New York City’s drinking water. Now, these crustaceans pose absolutely no health risk and are often microscopic. However, for Jews who keep kosher, and for whom ingesting insects is forbidden, it is another story.

According to the New York Times, there is actually a debate among Orthodox rabbis as to whether or not drinking the water is actually forbidden, since these copepods are many times too small to see. However, according to that same article, the Orthodox Union recommends that restaurants and eateries under its supervision filter their drinking water. Many private homeowners have decided to do so as well, and some water filter companies have reported up to a 500 percent increase in sales.

The reason this is an issue in New York City is because it is one of the few cities exempt from federal filtering requirements. It is also home to the largest Orthodox Jewish population in the US.

Fortunately, if you are Jewish and you keep kosher, or if you are just feeling squeamish about swallowing all those insects, we have a solution. Our filtered water coolers are perfect for your home and office. Even if you don’t keep kosher yourself, you may have Jewish employees or you may often invite Jewish guests to your home. Installing a filter will ensure that they will be able to drink your water without any regrets.

For more information about our products, just contact us.

Posted by Mark Sutera