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As a property manager, you already know how important it is to keep and attract good tenants. This means you must constantly be offering people more than what other landlords in your area are. One thing you may want to include in all your properties are refrigerator water/ice filters, which will gain the attention of all the right people in a number of ways.

Ensuring Good Water Quality

When looking for places to rent, people are interested in knowing more than just the type of neighborhood your property is in. Many of them never mention it, but they are also concerned about the quality of water in a given area. By offering refrigerator water and ice filters, you can alleviate a big concern right away, making it more likely that people will consider you.

Offer Something your Competition Doesn't

If you are to sell people on your rental property, you must be willing to offer something your competition doesn't. Nearly every property manager has thought of amenities such as a swimming pool or 24-hour maintenance, meaning you must come up with something different if you want to stand out. A water filter is something that everyone desires, yet is rarely offered. By placing one in all your units, you'll be giving people something they want but are unable to find elsewhere.

Improve your Reputation

Installing refrigerator water/ice filters will help you build your reputation by increasing the number of positive reviews you receive. This in turn makes it more likely that you will continue attracting good tenants for quite some time.

Installing refrigerator water/ice filters in your rental units makes good sense for a number of reasons. To find the models that are perfect for your rentals, please contact us.

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Water filtration is today’s answer to landfill- clogging plastic water bottles. But did you know that home and office water filters also save you quite a bit of money in the process?

Do not be Fooled by the Mountain Ridge on the Label!

PepsiCo did not make many friends with what activists termed “misleading marketing” activities. As noted by RT News, the soft drink giant’s Aquafina brand may have sported mountaintops on the label, but its origins have less to do with mountain springs than tap water. Granted, the company reports it uses a water purification process that gets rid of some contents you might have in your drinking water from the faucet, but you still pay a steep price for the privilege.

Why Pay Extra for What You Can Get at Home or the Office?

When you invest in home and office water filters, your tap brings you great-tasting, refreshing water without the intermediary – and the steep price tag. Moreover, you do not contribute to the increasing quantities of plastic water bottles that litter landfills, streets, oceans, and drainage areas.

Making the Technology Work for You

Taking advantage of a filtration unit for your residence of place of business is quite easy.

  • Buy an under-sink filtration system. The system is so effective that it removes 99.9 percent of particulate matter measuring 0.5 microns or larger. In the process, you also reduce any lead content and remove chlorine.
  • Replace filter cartridges as needed. The typical filter handles 600 gallons of water with ease. Even so, the experts recommend switching it out after six months anyway – even if you have not yet hit that gallon mark.
  • Enjoy the savings. The cost of your water is well below what you pay at the store for the purified tap water the soft drink giants offer. You also save the environment because cartridges rely on recyclable materials for manufacturing.

Contact us today to learn more about the many ways water filtration systems save you money.

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Upon learning you are pregnant, the first thing you want to do is share your excitement with friends and family. After making your big announcement, the next thing you should do is to install refrigerator water/ice filters in your home. You’ll need lots of fresh water to get you through the next nine months-here are some ways in which one of our filters might benefit you.

Preventing Dehydration

As an expectant mother, not only are you eating for two, but you are drinking for two as well. Rather than eight to ten glasses of water each day, you could need as much as 12 to 13 glasses. This amount of water will help your growing baby develop properly, and reduce the degree of nausea, cramps, dizziness, and headaches you experience.

Drinking water is especially important during your third trimester, as being dehydrated can actually bring about contractions and lead to preterm labor.

Manage Discomfort

Pregnant women are more likely to become overheated, due to fluctuating hormones that cause “hot flashes” and an increase in body weight. Drinking lots of water will help you stay cool and decrease the odds of you developing a heat injury. Many women also remark that water helps them better manage symptoms such as heartburn and morning sickness, while also warding off the urinary tract infections that are common during pregnancy. Those who consume plenty of water are also less likely to experience constipation or swelling in the feet and hands.

The right water filter is essential now and after you deliver, as you’ll continue to need lots of it for breastfeeding or making formula. The sooner you have one installed the better, which is why you should contact us today.

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Back pain sufferers often go to great lengths to alleviate their discomfort, often taking loads of medication or even undergoing physical therapy or surgery. One thing they often overlook is drinking more water. If you suffer from back pain, you may be surprised to know that there is a connection between staying well hydrated and the health of your discs. Installing home drinking water filtration systems could be very effective for a number of reasons-here’s why.

Discs are Comprised Mostly of Water

When human beings are born, the discs in their back consist of approximately 80% water. This is what gives the discs their sponge-like, resilient quality. As people age, that number naturally decreases, causing the discs to lose some of their ability to absorb shock. Shrinkage of the discs can occur, leading to further pressure on the surrounding nerves. When this happens, a person may experience severe back pain or even have a limited range of motion.

Drinking plenty of water each day is one of the best things you can do to prevent deterioration of the discs. Keeping the water levels inside your discs as high as possible will help them continue to do what they are supposed to do, which is absorb shock and prevent your back from becoming injured. It may even help you avoid some of the shrinkage that occurs whenever the discs are unnecessarily compressed together.

Recommended Amounts

To prevent or reduce back pain, consume between eight and ten eight-ounce glasses of water each day. You may require slightly more than that amount if you are especially achy or have recently experienced an injury. Drinking the right amount of water will be much more pleasant when you have the right filtration system in place, which is why we recommended you contact us today.

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If you are adopting a pet, you have plenty of things to do. From buying food to scheduling vet visits, a lot must happen for you to get ready. One thing you may not have on your "to do" list is purchasing refrigerator water/ice filters. These filters are a must for your pet for a number of reasons.

Ensures Good Health

Your animal must drink lots of clear, fresh water each day to stay healthy. The quality of water you give your pet is just as important as the water you drink yourself when it comes to preventing disease and strengthening the immune system. It is especially important when bringing home a puppy or kitten, as you will want to make sure you give them the best start possible in life.

Prevents Dehydration

Pets can suffer from dehydration just as easily as people can. Many times, animals do not drink enough water because it doesn't taste good. When you offer your pet filtered water, you won't have to worry about him or her not wanting to drink.

Be Ready for Outings

Chances are that you and your furry friend will quickly become inseparable companions. Before heading out the door with your pet, you must first pack some essentials such as food, a leash, ID tags, and water. Getting ready to go will be easy when you have a refrigerator water/ice filter, because you can quickly fill up your water bottle and be on your way in no time.

These are just a few ways in which a refrigerator water/ice filter can benefit you and your pet. If you are planning to adopt an animal, please contact us first so that we can help you pick out the right filter.

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As you probably already know, drinking plenty of water is important. For one thing, water is the absolute best thing that you can drink when it comes to combating dehydration, since you don't have to worry about caffeine, sugar or other ingredients that will just make the problem worse. Plus, drinking plenty of water can help prevent you from overeating and can also prevent you from turning to sugary sodas, juices and other drinks that are filled with calories and can cause weight gain.

However, even though you might understand that you and your family should drink more water, this can be easier said than done. You might not like the taste of water, and your kids and other family members might not, either. What you might not realize, however, is that a home water filter might help.

Water is treated for you and your family's protection, but some of the things that are used to treat it can actually affect the taste and smell of your water. If you are sensitive to these things, this can make your water that much less appealing to drink. By installing a home water filter, however, you can help improve the taste of the water in your home. Once you try filtered water, you might find that you like it more than you thought you would! This can help encourage you and your family to drink more water for good health.

If you would like to find out more about home water filters, contact us at Pure1 Systems today. Not only can we help you with your water-related needs at home, but we also supply water coolers for your office, too!

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There is crispness in the air that can make a nice home cooked meal more appealing. If you have added one of our home drinking water filtration systems to your kitchen lineup, you know that your cooking will taste great this year. But for those who have not yet done so, here are the top three things you need to know.

Cooking Uses More Water than You Think

Rice, pasta, potatoes, and bread all require water during the preparation process. You use water to wash fruits and vegetables. Thinning gravies, soaking legumes, home-brewing beer, and poaching fish depend on water, too. If it was your turn this year to host the Thanksgiving meal or the December holiday extravaganza, you had plenty of opportunities to rely on tap water.

The Problem: Odors and Taste

Our local governments go through great lengths to make our water safe. That said, it is not necessarily tasty or good smelling. Municipalities rely on chemicals such as chlorine to kill bacteria and other organisms that would make the water supply unsafe. Unfortunately, the chlorine, in particular, can make tap water less than tasty.

The Solution: Home Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Did you know that one filter alone has the power to process more than 600 gallons of tap water? This sounds like a lot, but when you consider that you will be using plenty of the liquid for cooking and other food preparation tasks this holiday season, it makes sense to invest in the technology. Those who are sensitive to the presence of chlorine in the water will thank you.

You might even notice that the dishes look better. Since chlorine results in color fading, those with high concentrations in their drinking water may not realize how much better their foods will look without it. Contact us today to find out more about the budget-friendly filtration options for your home.

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During the summer, when even the walk from the parking lot to the office has you breaking out in sweat, it is easy to remember your water intake. But when the weather cools down, and winter arrives, it is far harder to get in your hydration. Heart health requires consistent hydration; home and office water filters make sure you have the great-tasting liquid at your fingertips.

The Connection between Water Intake and Heart Health

As noted by the American Heart Association, hydration plays a pivotal role in heart health. Ensuring muscle efficiency and easing the strain on the heart itself while pumping blood through the vessels, the experts underscore the importance of drinking your fill of water. Noting that secondary factors are contributing to the right amount of hydration, they shy away from providing a hard and fast number of glasses or ounces that they would consider healthy.

Hydration with You in Mind

Experts suggest that those suffering from diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and heart disease have higher water intake requirements than others. This is where home and office water filters come in handy. Because drinking water from the tap is not appealing to many, and because the cost of bottled water makes the investment sometimes less than attractive as well, the installation of low-cost filtration systems is the convenient, budget-friendly answer you are looking for. With crisp, fresh water always available, hydration is a snap!

To learn more about healthy hydration with filter systems, contact us for information on home and work solutions.

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Office water coolers have graced offices and breakrooms across the country for many years for a reason. If your office does not have a water cooler, these are a few reasons to consider investing in one:

Encourage Healthy Habits

We all know that drinking soda all day isn't good for your health, but it can be tempting for employees to grab sodas all throughout the day if that is what is available through the office vending machines. Having a water cooler in place can help encourage employees to follow healthy habits and to drink water rather than other things.

Cut Down on Waste

Another great thing about an office water cooler is the fact that it can help cut down on waste. If you have a water cooler in place in your office, you can cut down on the number of disposable water bottles that are brought into the office. Instead, you can encourage employees to bring in reusable cups or water bottles and to get free refills at the office water cooler.

Boost Productivity

If your employees are able to have their most basic needs met in-office -- including by having access to clean, fresh water -- they are less likely to waste time hunting out vending machines or heading to local stores and restaurants during work hours. This can help reduce wasted time and boost productivity.

As you can see, having an office water cooler in your office is a smart addition. If you would like to find out more, contact us at Pure1 Systems today!

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When the University of Connecticut studied the effects of dehydration, its researchers were not testing athletes after physical exertion or workers whose jobs took them outside on hot, sunny days. Instead, they worked with test subjects in a relaxed environment. The results show that for employees on the computer in your office, water coolers are of vital importance – just as they can be for your company’s overall productivity.

Even Mild Dehydration Affects Employee Behavior

When subjected to mild dehydration, female test subjects complained of tiredness, headaches, and trouble with concentration. Male study participants reported feelings of pressure, fatigue, and working memory problems. The effects were more pronounced for females. Since these test subjects were young and overall healthy individuals, consider the potential outcome of even moderate levels of dehydration on older workers with one or more chronic health problems.

How Office Water Coolers Enhance Employee Health and Company Productivity

Mayo Clinic researchers note that low-level dehydration presents with symptoms such as dry mouth, fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. When workers leave before the scheduled ends of their shifts due to feeling unwell, these are frequently cited reasons. You can counteract the onset of these problems by providing refreshing drinking water with conveniently placed water coolers at your venue.

Getting employees to use them can be as simple as offering complimentary frozen fruit slices or sugarless flavor packets in the break room. Provide workers with branded tumblers that not only advertise your company’s name and logo but also feature a brief slogan that encourages hydration. In short, safeguard your business’ overall performance by delivering to workers one of the most basic, and essential, creature comforts available: great-tasting water.

Contact us today to find out how you can add water coolers to the benefits of working in your office.

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