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Office water coolers used to be everywhere. They were so common that water coolers were more or less used to represent office culture, especially with regards to office gossip and work breaks.

However, for a while, it seemed like so many people were using bottled water that office water coolers were just not as central anymore. Water bottles themselves were fairly central to the culture of the first decade of the twenty-first century. While plenty of people still use water bottles today, there has been a movement towards filtered tap water these days. This could also mean that office water coolers will make even more of a comeback.

Not everyone is going to bring water bottles to work. Having a nice office water cooler ensures that everyone has access to a good source of water at work. Scientists have said that moderate levels of dehydration can harm employee productivity. As such, the employers who provide office water coolers will often see a lot of direct improvements in the performance of their employees as a result.

However, employees are also more productive as a result of taking breaks and rest periods that will truly leave them energized and refreshed. An office water cooler can truly make that possible. Office water coolers might help employees socialize when the time is right. They can also help make employees more effective when it's time to get back to work.

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Posted by Mark Sutera