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Home water filtration systems provide numerous benefits, yet many people do not take full advantage of them. If you are not carrying fresh, filtered water with you, who knows what you may be drinking when you are away from home. The following guide will help you select a BPA-free water bottle that is perfect for using while on the go.

Check the Recycling Symbol

The easiest way to know if a bottle contains bisphenol A or BPA is to turn it upside down and look at the recycling symbol on the bottom. If it contains a number between one and six, the bottle is made from plastics that do not contain BPA, and is therefore safe. Containers marked with the number seven may contain different resins than ones marked one through six, including BPA. The only way to ensure a bottle marked with a 7 is safe is to look for a BPA-free sticker, which indicates the product is BPA-free.

Check the Inside

It’s not enough to just check the recycling symbol, as some manufacturers provide epoxy liners that might also contain BPA (these liners are common in aluminum bottles as well). As such, you should always check any bottle you purchase to see whether or not it contains a liner. Even unlined bottles are suspect if they have a yellow or orange coating inside, as this indicates they contain a material that may be capable of shedding BPA.

You want your drinking water to be safe, so it is only natural to desire a safe bottle to carry it in. Follow these tips, and you should easily be able to find the perfect water bottle. When it comes to selecting the right water filter, knowledge is also key, which is why we invite you to contact us today to find out more.

Posted by Mark Sutera