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According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 40.6 million Americans are sleeping fewer than six hours each night. Sleep deprivation has also been linked to everything from decreased production at work to health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. A number of things can affect your quality of sleep, and dehydration is surprisingly among them. Could home drinking water filtration systems help you get a better night’s rest? Here are some ways in which dehydration could be affecting your sleep quality.

#1. By causing more frequent urination at night

Thirst is an early warning sign of dehydration. Unfortunately, many people initially ignore their thirst because they are too busy to stop what they are doing and drink some water. This often leads to a massive consumption of fluids just before bedtime, something that might cause you to get up more times than usual to go to the bathroom.

#2. Dehydration encourages snoring

WebMD reports that secretions in the soft palate and nasal cavity become thicker and stickier whenever a person is dehydrated. This increase in texture can lead to more snoring.

#3. Promotes daytime fatigue

Most people become fatigued whenever they are dehydrated. Many will “fix” this problem by consuming caffeinated beverages, while others will take an afternoon nap. Both of these things can greatly disrupt your sleeping schedule, which is why you should reach for a glass of water if you become tired during the day.

Those who are sleep deprived are often dehydrated and vice versa. The connection between sleep quality and staying well hydrated should not be overlooked, which is why you should contact us today to find the water filtration unit that is right for you.

Posted by Mark Sutera