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Are you trying to lose weight? One proven but often overlooked way to shed pounds is by drinking more water. With everything going on in our lives, it easy to forget to drink enough water, especially if you are also counting carbs, counting calories and counting fat grams all day long.

Yet paying more attention to your water intake is a vital part of any weight loss plan. And having a home drinking water filtration system makes drinking more water a pleasure.

Here are three reasons that staying hydrated can help you shed the pounds.

It Increases Your Metabolism

Drinking water increases resting energy expenditure because your body has to burn calories to process whatever food or liquid you are intaking. In fact, one study has shown that a person's resting energy expenditure increases by 10% to 30% within 10 minutes of drinking 500 ml of water. This equates to 16 oz or two tall glasses of water.

It Makes You Feel Full

The more water that you drink throughout the day, the less hungry you will feel. Water fills up your stomach and reduces your appetite, making you eat less at meals. It also makes it unlikely that you will reach for a candy bar or bag of chips between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Less food intake leads to weight loss.

It Means Drinking Fewer Sugary Drinks

Everyone gets thirsty throughout the day. If you quench your thirst with water, then you will drink fewer caloric beverages like soda and fancy coffee. In fact, a National Center for Biotechnology Information study has shown that every 3.4 ounces of water intake results in a 0.7-ounce reduction in the intake of sugary beverages. In short, higher plain water consumption is associated with lower caloric beverage consumption and can lead to more weight loss.

So the more water you drink, the more weight you can lose. Installing a drinking water filtration system ensures that the water you consume is clear and clean. Contact us to set up a system in your home today.

Posted by Mark Sutera