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Pure1 Self-Filling Water Filtration System

Our patented EverFull Self-Filling Bottle™ Technology allows you to see the best tasting, cleanest water you can get.

Since 1988, Pure1 has been supplying businesses around the world with great tasting, safe water from our "bottleless water coolers". As one of the first self-filling water cooler systems brought to market, we have been doing this long before most others. We design and build our systems right here in the USA and they are designed to produce the best tasting, safest water possible. We offer lifetime warranties on all of our products which ensures we do our best to supply our dealers with top notch products so they can provide you with the very best service.

Whether you choose our reverse osmosis water filtration systems or our traditional water filtration system; once connected to an ordinary cold water line in your building such as under a break room sink, the EverFull Bottle automatically fills itself up and stays full. As soon as you start to take water out to drink, fill up your coffee brewer, water your plants, whatever, it starts to refill itself automatically. At no time will your bottle be empty and you looking for someone to replace it.


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The way we see it, you are a very busy person and your work day is filled with important tasks. The last thing you need is to worry about your office water cooler! That is why our dealers are the best in the industry; we all sincerely care about the quality of the water you drink and not only by offering the best equipment but also by the kind and frequency of our service. Once installed, the clock starts ticking and in 6 months your dealer is back to service your machine regardless as to how much use it gets. Our filters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding water drinkers. What that means is capacity; all of our filters are designed to last at least 1200 gallons while still removing at least 95% of what can be causing a bad taste (which is mostly chlorine). Don’t worry; our dealers will be there twice a year to clean & sanitized and install new filters. Please keep this important fact in mind: regardless of what type of office water cooler you have, a filter change is not all that is required to keep your water cooler clean and in the best working order.

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EverFull™ System

Our patented EverFull Self-Filling Bottle™ Technology allows you to see the best tasting, cleanest water you can get.

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