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Home Filtration Systems

For pennies a GALLON, you can turn ordinary tap water into clean, safe, filtered water for you and your family!

Throw away those environmentally un-friendly water bottles, get rid of that filter with plastic and metal parts and install the AbsoluteOne Model 100 water filter from Pure1 today. Buy Now!

  • Eco-friendly filter is better for the environment – our filter components don’t sit in the landfill forever like other filter components.
  • Easy to install.
  • Safe Water Club: keep your water safe with scheduled delivery of new filters every 6 months at a discounted price.
  • Cost-effective  – each filter processes over 600 gallons...and costs pennies a gallon!
  • Pure1 has been serving bottle-less, filtered water for over 20 years – we know water!
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Our filter is:

  • half the size of the competition (less material used),
  • processes more water (lower cost per gallon),
  • is guaranteed for life (no waste), and
  • the cartridges are either recyclable or can be incinerated (no need to landfill)

You can feel better knowing you’ve selected a filter that not only provides healthy water for your family, but is healthy for the environment, too!

Think "Pure1" when you think low cost, convenience, and environmentally friendly. This is peace of mind for you and your entire family Buy Now!

30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty!

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