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Office Water Dispensers

Looking for a better way to hydrate your office? Well, look no more. Pure1 offers all of the benefits of traditional bottled water without all those hassles:

  • Expense                                                       
  • Environmental Impact
  • Storage of both full & empty
  • Deliveries
  • Lugging 45 pound bottles onto a water cooler
  • Empty Bottles
  • Accounting nightmares
  • Who cleans your water coolers?

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Our Patented Self-Filling bottle is the ultimate "bottleless water cooler". Whether you choose our reverse osmosis water filtration system or our traditional water filtration system it is always full and dispenses great tasting, safe water. There is a flat monthly fee so billing is a snap and can be done quarterly. Don’t worry about service, in six months regardless of usage, we come to your office to service your water cooler. With Pure1, all you do is drink.

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Got a bottleless water cooler in your office already but not sure when it was serviced last? That by far, is the biggest problem with bottleless water coolers; service. Lots of so called service providers offer some kind of filtered water cooler that stores the water in a hidden tank. That tank over time, if not properly serviced develops bacteria and algae growth. A filter change is not a complete service by any means and won't clean out that tank. It's a good thing you can't see the water. With a Pure1 "bottleless water cooler", the water you drink is the water you see. We don’t hide our water! Our dealers service every six months regardless of usage and use the best filtration possible. What makes us special (besides seeing the water and our scheduled service) is our water filtration. We use two water filters (where most use one) as well as an air filter (where most use none). Whether you choose our reverse osmosis water filtration system or our traditional water filtration system, we use an industry leading 0.5 micron absolute multi-zone filter that allows the municipal chlorine to be put inside the bottle. This chlorine keeps the bottle always sanitized and bacteria and algae free! When you take water out of the unit, it passes through our second filter; C-G1 Gravity GAC™ filter that removes chlorine and VOCs (things that make your water taste bad) like nobody’s business. What this does is put the absolute best water you can get into your cup. For small usage areas where your water might start to taste less fresh, this system is ideal because the chlorine and C-G1Gravity GAC™ filter keep your water fresh.

Still not convinced? We are so confident that once you try our "bottleless" water cooler system you'll be hooked, we offer a 30-day free trial. No commitment required

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Our patented EverFull Self-Filling Bottle™ Technology allows you to see the best tasting, cleanest water you can get.

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